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We're here!

We arrived in San Luis Potosi around 11:00 p.m. local time. We were greeted with a chorus of exotic sounds. The most exotic being that of the airplane that we landed in. We were ushered towards customs and soon we were officially in Mexico!
We loaded our gear into two waiting vehicles. Two folks hopped into the back of a pick-up truck with Luis & Fernando [two of the children living at the home] and we motored on our way to Casa De Hogar. The darkness could not suppress the beauty of this city. We were entertained with the fluctuating scent of livestock and tacos. The lone beacons of light in the darkness were the ever ready tacos stands offered meals to the waiting truckers.
With the cool wind in our face we made way across the highway. Passing us to the left and right, people rode mopeds and large American trucks to home and what else the night shall bring. We stopped for a late dinner at “Los Volcanos” a popular late night taco stand. We ponied up to a few tables and broke bread.
On our way home the sky opened up and those brave souls in the back of the truck got soaked from head to toe. Luckily the luggage was safe from stormy weather. We arrived to a large iron gate and entered into the Casa ready to begin.
The most amazing part of the trip thus far is the diversity of hope and conviction we all bring to this mission. We hope to bring a good word from Douglass Blvd. Christian Church to our family here in Mexico. I would say so far so good.
We hope you follow us over the next few days as we seek to meet a loving, living God of abundance and transformation here in Mexico. I pray that our expectation of a divine encounter in the faces of these hopeful children bring new fruit to all of us.
Blessings and peace…