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Mission Trip (Day One)

Well, this afternoon 17 of us will be heading to San Luis Potosi, Mexico to work in the Casa Hogar children's home. It's already an eventful trip and we haven't even gotten to the airport. Sara Northerner, who had been planning all summer to go with us, had to cancel because her father is in the ICU in Evansville, IN. We will be keeping her and her family in our prayers, as her father faces some critical surgery on Wednesday. So, I did some fast calling and found someone to use the ticket--our very own Bart Mattingly, Stephanie's brother, who sings in and helps direct the choir.

Then, I woke up this morning to find that the 25 year-old Bartlett Pear in the back yard off our deck is now on our deck, not to mention our house. I'm not sure what got it, wind or rain--but it's now an ex-Bartlett Pear. Apparently, there's a Home Depot rental chainsaw and some serious saw dust in my future.

Our flight leaves at 6:30 this evening, and we are scheduled to arrive in San Luis at 10:30. It's a great group we're going with! Every day we're down in Mexico, we will be blogging (pictures and all)--assuming our internet connection holds up--to bring an account of our journey.

Pray for us, for Sara and her father, and our poor tree, which has gone on to meet its woody reward. Watch this space.

Grace and Peace,