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n open and affirming community where faith is questioned and formed, as relationships are made and upheld. 

Saturday! What a day.

This morning many of us arose to the giggles of curious children or the sniffing of equally curious dogs. This was preceded by the seemingly endless call of the roster to wake up. As we got ready for the day we were introduced to the children. We received countless hugs and a warm desire to be near each other.
Many of us gathered in the dining area to eat breakfast. As we did the children offered us stickers for our hands as decorations. The children even decorated the dogs with stickers. Never has there been a place filled with so much laughter and joy. These children lack nothing in the smiles department.
We ate breakfast at various tables with the children. Sharing what we could with the broken or absent Spanish. We got along pretty good. We gathered after the meal to discuss the specifics of our mission trip. Derek offered to us that this trip is more about relationships than it is about “doing” anything. That in Mexico it is more important to be with each other than it is to do business.
We will not be starting our “project” until Monday. So we filled our day with a trip into town and playing with the children. Some of us pushed children on swings or down slides. Some of us wrestled with the children, lifting them over our heads as they wiggled to mimic the stars of the WWF. Still others played board games, puzzles, and even a form of bingo. These children have boundless energy!
We will attend worship at a local church tomorrow. We are excited to worship with our Christian Sisters and Brothers here in San Luis Potosi. Thank you for praying with us as we venture forth into what God wills for us.
Blessings and peace…