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Dr. Dr. Rev. Penwell's Monthy Internet Wrap-up

So, Derek has been on fire on the internets lately. Like, more than usual (!? RIGHT?).

I'm not sure if you know this (unless you're on Facebook where he won't let you forget), but our minister can write most people under the table.

So, in this segment of Dr. Dr. Rev. Derek Penwell's (Esq. [?]) Monthly Wrap-Up, here are (I'm sure) only some of the things Derek has written/what-have-you this month on teh interweb.

Sojourners Magazine:

But there is another response — the one I (not so) secretly hope you’ll choose: You could take your terminal diagnosis as a new lease on the life you have. Instead of throwing up your hands in bewilderment, you could throw up one of your digits in rebellion and do something interesting. You feel me?

Huffington Post:

But here’s my beef: Even if Franklin were waxing rhetorical about God hating cowards, the only thing most people hear is, “God hates certain kinds of people.” And that’s troubling on a couple of different levels . . .

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Time was you could craft a message, publicize it through traditional media, and have a reasonable chance of having it being heard by your intended audience. If you were quick enough, properly resourced, and sufficiently smart, you might run the table. Boom! Big. Nowadays, however, mass appeals untailored to highly specific audiences have difficulty making connections.

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