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Mucho-Mucho [Thoughts from Joe Carolyn Brown]

It’s Friday already and what a week it has been! Mixed in with work on bathrooms, painting rooms and halls, working on the grounds (with a mixture of skilled and unskilled labor) has been major satisfaction in seeing smiles on the faces of children, hugs for no special reason, and much laughter. The greatest frustration has been our inability to communicate with the children. After “hola,” there isn’t much to say, even though it’s amazing how much can be communicated through sign language and facial expressions. For instance, Luis and Fernando were comparing muscles, when Joe wanted to show his own and said, “Mucho grande.” To this, Luis replied, “Mucho nada.” We are determined, however, that we’ll be more proficient in the language if we return.
Today we felt we were returning home since we were treated to oatmeal and croissants for breakfast. The children have a day off from school and the front lawn has turned into a pastel sea as they play with balloons.
Most of our work tasks have been completed and today offers the opportunity to be with the children in the morning and take a trip to town in the afternoon.
We’ve learned a lot this week. We’ve witnessed a large number of children living together in harmony, under the guidance of wonderful houseparents. Selene is the ultimate multi-tasker, braiding hair, talking with children, and giving instructions in the kitchen concurrently. We’ve seen how older children take responsibility for younger children. We are impressed with the degree of happiness we see in the children and the level of structure that makes the home function effectively. Tonight we will have dinner with the children and participate in their movie night. Then-- up early tomorrow and back to Louisville.