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n open and affirming community where faith is questioned and formed, as relationships are made and upheld. 

Greetings de Karen O. con San Luis Potosi

Today is Thursday and our 3rd big work day. My most valuable item has been a pair of work gloves, actually two pair.
I have worked almost exclusively on cleaning up the grounds. This project has given me a wonderful chance to get to know some knew people from the church.

I came prepared for rain, since I took my information from the internet weather channel, and am happy to report that the weather has been awesome. Its too bad we don’t have time to work on our tans.
Along with many other firsts, this is my first every blog. It sure seems like an awfully far distance to travel to learn a new computer skill, but the trip itself has been so full of firsts that it seems fitting. My first papaya, my first morning to use a rooster as an alarm clock, my first chance to see a day of hard work bring smiles and nods of appreciation from people I can’t otherwise communicate with and my first chance to enjoy the Ben and Ryan comedy routine. Everyone should look forward to the opportunity of having such rewarding and fun firsts in their future.