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The Gates of Hell (Matthew 16:13-20)

Better late than never, Derek's sermon from this past Sunday, August 31. Really good stuff.


You see, empathy . . . that’s good. We have to have some sense of how other people feel, the suffering and the indignities they undergo. But it’s not enough to feel someone else’s pain, we need to find a way to share in it, to help them confront it, endure it, transform it into a power of its own.

I think the only way to do that is to stand with those who suffer injustice, who live with the alienation of being the one to whom no one must pay attention, who know only the dehumanizing pain of constantly having to act like you’re someone other than who you are, just so you won’t get bullied, beaten, sexually harassed, or shot. We have to raise our voices with the voices of those who wield no power, who are always in danger of having their voices ignored. We who would follow Jesus must sacrifice something for them.

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