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Sermon Podcast: Whatever Happened to Margaret Mary?

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"The crimes against the powerless Amos lays out aren't just a few rotten apples. The crimes Amos names are institutionalized; they're accepted as part of the fabric of the society—you know, just the way things are.

"In other words, there are good church-going people who know what's going on—those who see the injustice being perpetrated on the helpless—and yet who remain silent. The big crime isn't just that greedy people are cheating the poor—that's nothing new—but that there are average people who know about it, and who ought to know better, but who stand by and let it happen anyway.

"God's putting the whole country on notice. It'd be nice to avoid blame by saying, 'It's those shady grain sellers, those dang pawn shop brokers, those lousy chaff vendors.' Unfortunately, that kind of abuse requires—if not the explicit endorsement—then the quiet approval of the community.

"That is to say, Amos calls out the whole country for turning its back on the poor."

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