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Sermon Podcast: The Splendor of This House

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"Take courage and work. Keep building even though not all of you will see the completion.

"Keep working even though the future is uncertain. Because the future is uncertain only to you; I know where you’re headed.

"But that’s the hard part for us, isn’t it? Sure, we believe God knows where we’re headed. At least in our best moments we’d like to believe we believe that God knows where we’re headed. But when it gets right down to it and the bills come due and we’ve got to figure out how to find Sunday School teachers, it’s harder to see how God’s going to accomplish God’s purposes."

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The Prophetic Call for a Little Brash Stupidity

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In this blog post, Will Willimon reminds us that age and experience are important, but that they can become idols when we forget that God is dynamic, moving--and so is the world (and the church) that God oversees. We need to move forward, take chances, embrace failure not as a moral deficiency but as a tool for learning.

"We choke to death on the geriatric virtues of maturity, balance, and careful procedure when what our moribund system needs are more clergy who are young, brash, reckless, and stupid. That is new pastoral leaders who will give God enough room to get in this staid old church and do the sort of resurrection that this God does so well."

Sermon Podcast: The Second to Last Word

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What if we were known as the folks who, when the rest of the world turns its back, are the ones who say, “Come on in. There’s room in here for you?”

You thirsty? Come on in.

You been stepped on? Sit down right here?

You hungry to be loved for the person God created you to be? We’ve got a table right here with room enough for everyone … for anyone. Come on in!

Wouldn’t that be something? If people knew us as the place where everyoneanyone is welcome?

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