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n open and affirming community where faith is questioned and formed, as relationships are made and upheld. 

Are We Listening? (1 Samuel 3:1-20)


But come on, Eli's old and blind. Why blame him? It's his sons who're the scoundrels, right? Why's God mad at him?

Because, as the chief priest, he's the one who's supposed to be looking out for the interests of God's people, especially those who come humbly seeking God. Instead those people are bullied and taken advantage of by the very people whose power Eli is responsible for overseeing.

That is to say, if you stand by and say nothing when the folks on top fleece the folks on the bottom, you've taken sides with Eli against God. I don't know how else to put it.

If you don’t stand up when those in power belittle and dehumanize the vulnerable, you’ve turned your back on the very people God cares most about.

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