Douglass Blvd Christian Church

an open and affirming community of faith

n open and affirming community where faith is questioned and formed, as relationships are made and upheld. 

Under-Promising and Over-Delivering (Matthew 23:1-12)


What if we committed ourselves to a vision of the world in which the forgotten and cast aside are remembered and brought back into the fold.

A world in which those who’ve been downsized, those without healthcare, those who’ve graduated from college but have a difficult time seeing a future that holds a place for them . . . are no longer afterthoughts in our political life, but children of God on whose behalf we need to find our voices.

A world in which the color of one’s skin or the country of one’s birth or the gender of one’s love interests aren’t the characteristics by which people are excluded, but are the very things we lift up and celebrate as God’s gifts to us.

This isn’t optional behavior to get sorted out after we get the right bumper-stickers; it’s the very purpose of the life to which Jesus calls us.

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