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The Cost of Discipleship (Luke 14:25-33)

Derek and his daughter, Mary.

Derek and his daughter, Mary.

Following Jesus costs a great deal more than we’re able to afford on our own. There are crosses with our names on them, just waiting for us.

Your cross might be made from the wood of ministering to the homeless. It might be carved from the ancient timber of speaking out against rape culture. It might be from the lonely stand of trees that make up caring for those with physical disabilities or mental illness. It might be from the lumber of #BlackLivesMatter, or feeding the hungry, or advocating for forgotten children, or caring for God’s creation, or welcoming the refugee, or standing up against the injustices that confront LGBTQ people, or sheltering the immigrant.

But don’t be mistaken, if you follow Jesus there’s a cross for you.

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