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Trying to Figure It All Out (Matthew 1:18-25)

Derek and his son Dominic.

Derek and his son Dominic.

In a world that maintains such a casual relationship to violence, a taken-for-grantedness that ought to shame everyone who claims to follow a man who—when given the chance—chose to endure violence rather than inflict it, we need a dangerous mercy, a world altering generosity, the kind that turns reality on its head.

We need a new way of locking arms with those who are too often the targets of cruelty, those who live in fear that the bigwigs who run the show will notice them and begin to stoke the fires of fear and hatred against them—a kindness so destabilizing that the world, as it’s presently ordered, can’t contain it.

Apologies for some of the recording hiccups. You can fill in the missing pieces below in the manuscript.

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