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In Days to Come (Isaiah 2:1-5)

Derek and his daughter, Mary.

Derek and his daughter, Mary.

Advent is a scary time of waiting to see how it’s all going to shake out. We’re hopeful, but it’s not with us yet. You only have to read the front page of the New York Times to know that.

We can’t see what it’s going to look like in all of its glory; the mist blocks our vision. But we get glimpses, tiny snatches of light. We stand waiting for Christ to be revealed, but the darkness appears to rule.

Bullets fly. Water canons and concussion grenades are unleashed. The building of walls is contemplated. Children die in the dry night. Governments hire people to invent ever more ingenious ways to damage one another.

God is not satisfied with the world as it is presently ordered. And we hear Isaiah say, 'But in days to come . . .'

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