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Widening the Circle (Acts 8:26-40)

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It’s not just that we’re comfortable with things the way they are—with us being on the inside and them being on the outside—but we’ve somehow come to believe that the circle (as we’ve currently come to understand it) is exactly the size the God wants it.

It’s easy to believe (though more difficult to admit to ourselves in these terms) that the people on the inside of the circle are there because God wants them there, and that the people languishing on the outside are there because God’s rules require it.

But that’s the really unsettling part of the gospel that shows up in our story today: Whenever the angel speaks and we listen, whenever Jesus is turned loose on the wilderness road of those who’ve been pushed aside for too long, the circle about which everyone has for so long has been assured is as wide as it gets, gets a little bit wider.

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