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The Sabbatical: Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the dates that Derek going to be gone?

Answer: May 30th — September 15th


Question: But what happens if I need the pastor?

Answer: We’ve got you covered there. The Rev. Candasu Cubbage is going to oversee coordination of pastoral care with the elders during Derek’s absence. You may call the church office (502-452-2629) to notify us of a need. In an emergency you may also call Candasu at (334-549-5529). 

Question: Who’s preaching while Derek is away?

Answer: Candasu will be preaching four times, Chuck Lewis twice, and Mary Ann Lewis once. The other Sundays will be covered by the speakers who will be with us throughout the summer.

Question: Yeah, about that, who are these speakers, when will they be here, what are they talking about, and who’s taking care of them while they’re here?


Question: What will the weekends look like when the speakers are here?

Answer: Much of what will happen on the weekends the speakers are here will depend on what the speakers work out with their hosts (see above). In general, though, the shape of the weekend will look something like this:

Question: What’s Derek doing while we’re back here working our tails off?

Answer: Derek is going to be doing work too. His work is going to revolve around the craft of story construction, and will take place formally at a series of writer’s workshops.  Here’s a quick summary of where Derek will be: