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n open and affirming community where faith is questioned and formed, as relationships are made and upheld. 

Is It Lawful? (Mark 10: 2-16)

The easy thing, the seemingly natural thing is to secure the advantages of a world built with people like me in mind. But if we're concerned about participating in the world announced by the unfolding reign of God, the question we ought to be asking should never be: 'Is it lawful for me to disregard people who don't have the same advantages as me?' As followers of Jesus, the questions we must ask are: 'To what extent am I helping to build a community that welcomes the vulnerable and provides healing to the brokenhearted? How do I help to transform a world built for people like me into a place that thinks first of the powerless and those on the outside? How do I stand with Jesus against a world that too often tramples the best interests of women and the needs of children, that regularly ignores the plight of the hungry, the homeless, the addicted, the stranger, and the outcast?

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