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Sermon Podcast: The Kingdom of heaven is like ... (Matthew 13-31-33, 44-52)

Whatever the kingdom of heaven is going to end up looking like, it's certainly not going to be what we would have expected. It's going to start out small—almost invisible. And then it's going to grow inexorably larger. Huge. And it's going to be wild, untamed—and more than one person will call it merely an inconvenient, unfortunate weed. It's going to be all up in people's business.

What else is the kingdom of heaven going to look like? Well, you're going to find it in the weirdest, most out of the way place, buried beneath the notice of the cognoscenti—you know, the movers and shakers. It's not going to be on the front page, in the showrooms, 9:00 prime time. It's going to be out of the way, some crazy place nobody ever thought to look.

Wanna know what the kingdom of heaven is going to look like? It's going to look like crazy people who, rather than play the percentages, dump it all out on the table on nothing greater than a pair of twos. Not steady as she goes. Not keep her between the lines. Not slow and steady wins the race. The kingdom of heaven is going to look like mashing the pedal down, and trying to blow the doors off in search of something greater than the safe bet. And it's going to be worth everything you've got.

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