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Garage/ Yard/ Gym ... What-have-you Sale

We sold our books. Now it’s time to sell everything else. On July 26th, we’re having another garage sale.

Every year we sell some of the awesome stuff cluttering our attics and closets to fund our sorta-annual trip to San Luis Potosi.

Basically, you donate your sell-ables, and we make sure you never have to see them again. You know, for charity and such.

Bring all of your what-nots to the church starting Monday, July 20th. We’ll find a place to store it. We’ll soon be soliciting volunteers to help us work the setup, sale, and tear down. But, until then, just put in on your calendars.

Note: Please don't bring anything in until the week of July 20. Due to a lack of long term storage space, we can't guarantee the amount of space needed until then.