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Cats vs. Cards vs. Cat Herpes

What happens when you combine basketball, rain, Balderdash, fresh sausage, Cheetos, beer, an overly enthusiastic grill, and 18 people from a church of self-identifying heathens cooped up in a cabin in Eastern Kentucky?

I still have no idea.

From a tense viewing of the intra-commonwealth hoops showdown, to discussion of what strains of herpes carry across species, the DBCC 'Camping' retreat transcended any semblance of normal.

And it was awesome.

Things we learned:

  1. Chickens and cats can contract some strains of the herpes virus across species... probably.

  2. If your partner has the same name as his/her parent, it's advisable to indicate a difference between them in your iPhone contacts.

  3. Grills are hot. Turns out.

  4. Nicomedia is not a psychological disorder in which a person believes him or herself to be Nicodemus from the Gospel according to John.

  5. Balderdash

  6. Loren Powell = Elvis Presley.

  7. Samuel may or may not have packed someone else's bag.

  8. Even if there is enough coffee, there is never enough coffee.

  9. Ben Carter knows from fires.

  10. Donkey Kong isn't actually a bad guy, he's just really mad at Mario.

  11. Burlap underwear

  12. Things not to do from the neck of a giraffe.

  13. Jose Luis Astoreka (don't look it up... (look it up)).

  14. Do NOT throw shade on Cher in the presence of Travis Myles.

A few memorable quotes:

"That's a looooot of smoke..." (runs out of cabin)

"Like I'm going to get a Cher question wrong."

"Nothing says Christmas like laxatives."

"Can you repeat the second one, and the fourth from the last one?"


The cool thing about cool things is that cool things can and will happen again. So, next time we go camping, you should come along. Fo rizzle.