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Hopefully, you all have your brackets filled out and have been watching far too much basketball than any one person should ever see.

If you haven't interest in such things, here are some reasons you're probably better off:

  • lowered risk of a heart attack
  • no lines in public places without a television
  • more time to focus on important things like missing jet planes in Asia and the most recent Walking Dead episode (no spoilers)
  • sleep
  • not getting caught streaming CBS on company time
  • still not caring about Warren Buffett or his obscene wealth
  • using this gif

But, if you, like me, are totally wrapped up in the madness, just a few pointers:

  • JCPS doesn't close for the reason of collective basketball hangovers
  • a diet comprised solely of hot wings and coffee is only sustainable for 2 weeks tops
  • vocal damage is a thing that happens
  • the chances of Warren Buffett giving you 1 billion dollars are in the quintillions (or, 500,000 times the national debt)

Have fun, y'all.