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If Jesus were a folksinger

“I have sung for Americans of every political persuasion, and I am proud that I never refuse to sing to an audience, no matter what religion or color of their skin, or situation in life. I have sung in hobo jungles, and I have sung for the Rockefellers, and I am proud that I have never refused to sing for anybody."

Pete Seeger

Before someone decides to condemn me for calling Jesus a Commie (which I'm not, although a case could be made), it should be understood that, while Seeger's political affiliations didn't always align him with good company, his intentions, and methods were always genuine and, in my estimation, beautiful.

Pete Seeger's vision of the world was one in which we all cared for each other—greatest and least. He believed that we are all accountable for the world where our brothers and sisters live, breathe, play, and love.

What's more, he was unwilling to remain silent about such things. Seeger's politics got him publicly silenced. But his message of peace, love, and goodwill transcended him as a beacon for those marginalized and hopeless. He was a voice for those who had none. And, despite being banned from the airwaves for many years, he has become one of the most iconic and revered activists and humanitarians of our time.

Sounds pretty familiar.

Monday evening, he passed away. The phrase "a great loss" is being used by folks who admired him and his life. I'm inclined to humbly say that they may be missing the greater point. For 94 years, Pete Seeger lived. And the world is better for it.

I bet Jesus was awesome on the banjo.