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"Jesus Is Not Coming Soon"

If we believe Jesus is going to make a special trip to strap jetpacks on us, we aren’t forced to care about our brothers and sisters (the heathen who are staying behind to be destroyed anyway), about the creation we’ve been given, about any of the tasks God assigns us through the prophets and through Jesus himself. If, for example, your primary interest in Israel, like that of Texas pastor John Hagee and his millions of followers, is how you can help promote your version of the End of Time through the Chosen, how can you truly be a Friend of Israel?

For so many reasons, this clip from Dr. Strangelove comes to mind when this topic is discussed.


Greg Garrett hits the nail on the head. And while rapture enthusiasts are easy targets, we are all pretty adept at finding excuses to put aside the Kingdom we're supposed to be laboring for.

That said, please don't feel bad about watching Slim Pickens ride a nuclear warhead to the ground. That's never a waste of time.