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Lent and Pancakes

Obviously, Lent is a time that is set aside for Christains to focus on our spiritual lives with prayer and fasting. However, the fasting of things that separate us from God often is equal to vices in our lives of which we are trying to rid ourselves of anyway.

Coffee, anyone? 

So, in fact, Lent often becomes everyone's last ditch effort at a New Years Resolution until Jan. 1 rolls back around. Now, I'm not saying that reneging on your Lenten fast for the Creator is going to land you in eternal Hellfire (or am I?). But if you've had trouble ridding yourself of bad habits or vices, maybe you've just been going about it from the wrong angle.

Maybe you're just not making enough pancakes.

Regarding “The First Pancake Problem”
Anyone who’s ever made America’s favorite round and flat breakfast food is familiar with the phenomenon of The First Pancake.
No matter how good a cook you are, and no matter how hard you try, the first pancake of the batch always sucks.
It comes out burnt or undercooked or weirdly shaped or just oddly inedible and aesthetically displeasing. Just ask your kids.
At least compared to your normal pancake—and definitely compared to the far superior second and subsequent pancakes that make the cut and get promoted to the pile destined for the breakfast table—the first one’s always a disaster.
I’ll leave it to the physicists and foodies in the gallery to develop a unified field theory on exactly why our pancake problem crops up with such unerring dependability. But I will share an orthogonal theory: you will be a way happier and more successful cook if you just accept that your first pancake is and always will be a universally flukey mess.
But, that shouldn’t mean you never make another pancake.

I love Merlin Mann. And while he isn't a Master of Lent-ology, he does have a way of understanding how screwed up we can be when we're trying to fix how screwed up we are.

So, read his article, and, you know, if you really want it to say "Lent" somewhere, this one.

Hint: One is way more entertaining.

And then, read this one if you don't believe Pancakes and Lent are related.


Happy Fasting!