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¡Mexico! Part 3: 'Agua Day' - Allison King

Today was all about 'agua', beginning at 2:30 a.m. when Ruth Ann, Mary, and Christina awoke to two inches of water on their bedroom floor - the result of a disconnected faucet in the girl's bathroom. This led to panic, then bailing out and mopping, with everyone pitching in, including Betty, John and Salina. Then it was back to bed...for about five minutes...when we began to hear the sobs and cries of a young boy in the courtyard - a sleepover guest who apparently woke up frightened in a strange place and wanted to go home. Betty got dressed and took him home. Exciting night! After breakfast and a couple of trips to the plumbing supply house, we got to work replacing the plastic water lines that had been melted at some point by steam that backed up in the lines. Much collaboration helped get the job done, with some people drilling holes for clamps to hang the pipes, others putting in the clamps, and dad and Basil working on installing a new water heater. We were finally ready around 6 to tear out the old lines and hook up the new one. All went without a hitch and all have been reveling in warm showers since, including all of the teenage girls who returned to the home yesterday from camp. It was a long day of work, finished off with a fun bonfire organized by the guys, complete with s'mores that all of the kids loved. I continue to be so impressed with the kids' self-sufficiency and care for one another...all kept a look out for the younger kids during the one point patting out some cinders that landed on a young boy. It's Sunday morning now and off to church...more fun to come.