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"The Claims of Loyalty" (Matthew 22:15–22)

What a great service today! We are so thrilled to work alongside the Fairness Campaign and to have had the opporunity to worship with them. I have posted the full service along with the normal sermon podcast for those of you who want to share the entire experience with friends. 

Sometimes I try to summarize Rev. Penwell's sermon. Sometimes he does it for me in the sermon text itself: 

Caesar’s always going to want what Caesar wants. Wall Street. Madison Avenue. They vye for our attention. There are so many claims placed upon our loyalties… from every direction.

And, sometimes that which pursues us most relentlessly is our own desire to be in control, to be--ourselves--gatekeepers of God’s mercy. We in the church have been guilty of spurning the gifts people bring to God. But Jesus isn’t having it. Jesus says, “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar; give to God what belongs to God. And here’s the thing: It all belongs to God.”

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 Full Service with Fairness Campaign

"The Claims of Loyalty" by Rev. Derek Penwell