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My Favorite Part of Worship

The following is a guest post by Cheryl Cubbage. In case you don't know Cheryl, she is a member and Elder of Douglass Boulevard Christian Church.

Probably because I grew up in the Disciples of Christ church, communion has been the focal point of my Christian worship experience. It was part of my wedding ceremony, and if I’m going to feel like I have adequately worshiped, communion must be part of the worship service. When I go to a non-DOC church, I miss communion not being offered or being offered, but I’m not allowed to participate because I’m not a member. This has always been my favorite part of the service because I feel so engaged with Christ, the community of other believers, and really reflective on my Christian calling and discipleship. This is almost always the point in the service when I am most moved emotionally and thoughtfully. It is such a simple ritual, and yet I am always moved. Communion makes me feel authentically Christian and like I belong to Christ, just as those present at the table with me belong to Christ. I get to hear such varieties of the same experience of Christ from those presiding at the table. I come away filled with hope, love and gratitude and wanting to pass it on.

Which parts of the order of worship do you appreciate, and why? Comment below and join the conversation!