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Mexico Mission Trip 2010

In just a few hours a group of fourteen people (one--i.e., Gary King is already down there) will head out to San Luis Potosí, México--which is up in the mountains of central México.  The group includes Basil and Harriet Hall, Erin McKenzie, Paul Valentine, Charlie Pennington, Karen O'Hara, Geoff Wallace, Sue Raymond, Joe Brown, Bart Mattingly, Hannah Cooper, Ryan Kemp-Pappan, and me.  We are going to work at the Casa Hogar de San Juan, a children's home established by my grandparents in 1964.  Currently, they have thirty-two children ranging in age from four to sixteen.  We will be re-wiring the the children's home, replacing the original wiring from 1967.

Each day this week, as we head through our adventures, someone will be posting to the blog to keep you up to date on what we're doing, so that you can share in the mission of your congregation in another country.  We'll have reflections from members of the group, as well as photos (and maybe even some video) of our travels.  So, check back everyday to see what we're up to!

Please keep us in your prayers, as we keep you in ours.

Hasta verlos, Dios los bendigo!

By Derek Penwell