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Harriet’s Thoughts

Today is Monday! We were awakened as usual by the crow of the rosters (7:00 A.M.) and the patter of little girls’ feet up and down the hall getting ready for school in their red, pleated skirts and red tops. The young ones go to school in the morning and the older children go later in the day at 2:00 P.M.
After breakfast, our DBCC group met to decide on the projects for today, and another trip to Home Depot and Walmart was made by several to get supplies.

Upgrading the boys and girls bathrooms and setting up a new, larger girls’ clothing room with new shelving were begun.

Cleaning up the yard and play areas for the children was also started. When the little children came home from school at noon, they were “ right in there” with us wanting to participate or just see what was going on.

We have accomplished so much today already, and everyone in our DBCC group has jumped right in to do all they can in this mission of love and caring which we are now experiencing.

Casa Hogar is an amazing place!!! John and his wife Selene, who are their “mission parents”, have a wonderfully run home for these 18 girls and 13 boys. The children are beautifully behaved and get along with each other so well. Each one is responsible for certain chores, which they willingly do, and they have a daily routine that works very well for all.

The excitement of the children at having us here is unbelievable. They are curious about us, love to love on us, and they have enjoyed the games, candy, flashlights, and stickers, etc. that we brought to them. We, in turn, are so awed by these adorable, beautiful children and the love and hope they are given here at Casa Hagar. Each day we see “how God is working in this place”!!!